Do I need to stardog in order to run Stardog Studio?

Hello, I just installed the try-out version of Stardog Studio, and I want to execute one of the tutorials in the studio. Do I still need to install Stardog in order for running the studio?

Specifically, I want to run this example:



Yes you will need a running Stardog instance to point your Studio download to. For that AML example especially you will need to execute commands using the Stardog CLI.

Thanks Stephen. For that example, if I want to visualize the graph through linkurio, is there a way to configure the visualization in the Studio? I tried the free version of linkurio, but it gives a web demo:

How to visualize the example in the Stardog Studio?

Linkurious is a paid product and StardogStudio doesn't currently do visualization, although I'm sure that's on the roadmap. I think the easiest alternative would be to use Gephi and the SemanticWebImporter plugin if you're looking for something like graphs and charts I would suggest RAWGraphs You should be able to get data into it fairly easily using the import from url and pointing to a sparql query url and requesting the result in CSV.

Hopefully that gets you going.