Does the query.timeout.override.enabled option actually exist in 7.7.2?

The docs on query management claim there is an option called query.timeout.override.enabled.

Trying to set this on a system level as a property results in:

stardog-admin property set query.timeout.override.enabled=false --passwd=${ADMIN_PW}
Property not found for change: query.timeout.override.enabled

And on a database level in metadata:

stardog-admin metadata set -o query.timeout.override.enabled=false -p ${ADMIN_PW} -- mydatabase
Invalid option: query.timeout.override.enabled

Is this option actually available? How can you set it? We'd like to enforce short timeouts on queries and they shouldn't be overriden by users.

Hi, in order to set that option, it must be set in your file in $STARDOG_HOME. After putting query.timeout.override.enabled = false in the properties file, you must restart the Stardog server for the changes to take effect.

Ah, thanks! :slight_smile: It works fine once you actually know what you're doing :wink:

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