Modifying meta properties in Java

Hello There!

I am developing a Java program to interact with the Stardog database.
I'd like to know if anyone has an example of java code for building a database with specific properties such as reasoning type to be DL and specific query time out?
How can we modify these properties in Java?

Any help is highly appreciated!

Hi Atima,

Here are a few resource from Stardog

Thank you so much Serge!
For anyone struggling it can be set within the AdminConnection like this:

aAdminConnection.set(DB, ReasoningOptions.REASONING_TYPE, ReasoningType.DL);
aAdminConnection.set(DB, ReasoningOptions.SCHEMA_REASONING_TIMEOUT, Duration.valueOf("3h"));
aAdminConnection.set(DB, DatabaseOptions.CONNECTION_TIMEOUT, Duration.valueOf("3h"));
aAdminConnection.set(DB, DatabaseOptions.QUERY_TIMEOUT, Duration.valueOf("3h"));;

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