Edge Properties not showing for Literals

Refering to the example used in: Stardog Studio: RDF* edge properties in visualization

The viz does only show 2 (Class; URI) out of the 4 edge properties:

I am using 7.6.4

Could anyone shed some light here? I have upgraded to the latest version and still have the same issue. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for reporting this; we have confirmed that this is a bug. I've created an issue for it internally, and will update when we release the fix.

Hi Annee,

it looks like the bug has been addressed ( * Cannot see literal nodes for edge properties in visualizations (VET-1299)

Unfortunately, running the referenced example from the tutorial using server v 7.7.3 and explorer v 3.1.0 still produces the same issue. Can you reproduce this on your end as well?



Hi Oliver,

Explorer does not currently support showing literals as nodes on the graph. This is the case for both literals in regular triples and in edge properties. If you want to see the datatype properties of a given node in Explorer, you can right-click the node and select "See Details".


Sorry, Annee, I was refering to Stardog Studio and not to Explorer, my mistake.
However, it is in Explorer 3.1.0 where I still have the issue.

The result set

gets visualized as:

Am I doing something wrong here?

What query do you have in the text editor above the visualization? I am not able to reproduce it with the following: