Stardog Studio: RDF* edge properties in visualization

The RDF* Edge properties do not seem to be showing on the edges in the visualization in stardog studio. I am using version 1.24.1.

Is there an option I need to enable to be able to see it?

Can you tell us more about the data you're trying to visualize, exactly? That will help us to help you. For example, does the query that you're visualizing actually have edge properties in the results? And have you confirmed that your database has edge properties enabled? (The option needs to be enabled at database creation time; you can do so when you create the database through Stardog Studio.)

Just as a test case, if I create a new database with edge properties enabled, and then add the following data to it:

<< :Alice :worksFor :ACME >> :role :CEO ;  
                             :since 2010 ;
                             :probability 0.8 ;
                             :source <> .

I can confirm that visualizing the results of the following simple query shows edge properties:

  ?s ?p ?o
} {
  ?s ?p ?o

Is this the option to enable edge properties when creating a new database? I am fairly sure I checked that off when creating the database. Is there any way to confirm image

I imported the data from db2 using sms2 syntax like below and I didn't see any errors

<<?target :edge ?source>> :e_prop ?value .

Actually I can confirm the option was checked off during creation - visible in database properties below

Actually I think I may just not be selecting the fields in my query. For the example you pasted, what would the select clause look like if you only want to see the edges and the properties and not the other nodes?

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