Entity Ranking Built-In Support

Hi Stardog team,

I’m just wondering if there is any built-in entity ranking feature in Stardog, e.g. something similar to PageRank, HITS, etc.
I couldn’t find any reference in the documentation, thus, I guess there is at least no official support for this yet?

I know that this is still ongoing research, but maybe somebody of your team already implemented something related to this internally.
If not, indeed I can simply do it by using SPARQL Update queries in an iterative algorithm, but for sure doing it on internal datastructures would be much more efficient.

Maybe it’s somewhere on your roadmap? By the way, is there some pointer to a roadmap with features planned for the next release(s)?


Hi Lorenz,

We don’t have that feature in our system. It’s not on our near-term plans, but we’re always interested to hear about specific use cases for this kind of analytics.
We have two recent features that might help you in your task: path queries and our machine learning toolkit.

Let us know how it goes,

Hi Pedro,

I thought PageRank() is a part of TinkerPop3. Does Stardog supports it through Gremlin?

Thank you

Hi Alex,

Stardog supports Tinkerpop 3, so if it’s in their API, it should work. I’ve actually never tested it, let me know how it goes.