Stardog 5.2.2 Release discussion

Sorry to start a new thread but you can’t reply to announcements. I know it’s been less than 24hrs and some of this is probably on the way but what can I say, I’m impatient.

I was interested in looking at the new EntityRDFExtractor and EntityLinkingRDFExtractor but the javadocs are still at 5.2.1.

I didn’t see anything new in the documentation about exposing the entity linking functionality as a SPARQL service any hints on how that works?

I’m assuming that the automagic indexing is R2RML direct mappings, is that correct?

Hi Zachary,

Those interfaces are available in 5.2.1 too but were not included in the published javadocs. We will update the javadocs shortly and include them. Thanks for the heads-up.

There is a blog post published now showing how to use the entity linking service. That information will be included in the documentation too.

The automatic mappings are R2RML direct mappings but you can export an actual R2RML file for further customization. The blog post talks about this feature too. We also have some work in the pipeline to use ML/NLP techniques to align the relational schema with your RDF/OWL model to generate better mappings. This feature will be available later this year.


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