TrinityRDF support? (or other ORMs for .NET)

According to the TrinityRDF page, Stardog is discontinued: Trinity RDF | Object mapper for building knowledge graphs with .NET

Has anybody had any success with Custom Store (I would appreciate examples)? Or is it just not possible to use Stardog w/ TrinityRDF going forward?

Alternatively, are there any other ORM frameworks for .NET that can be used with Stardog? Or is dotNetRDF the only option now?

Hi Rebecca,

I don't know why Trinity dropped support for Stardog but I see they support standard SPARQL 1.1 protocol. Did you try that?

Stardog Engineer

Looks like what you don't get with that is model management or data updates "Please keep in mind that SPARQL endpoints usually do not support model management or data updates."

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@PaulJackson like @zachary.whitley noted, this usually doesn't support the model management, which is what I'm looking for. It's unfortunate that it was just dropped like that.

All might not be lost though. I don't know what their reasoning behind dropping support might be but it is open source. It looks like there's a Stardog branch in the trinityrdf repo and it's only 19 commits behind main. The last commit comment on that branch is "removed Stardog support" so that's everything you need to get it going minus any recent changes to trinity and/or Stardog. I'm not a Windows developer or I'd give it a shot.