(rdf4j-stardog) StardogRepository and StardogRepositoryConnection can't be extended

While working on the integration of Carbon LDP and Stardog we've encountered a couple of bugs on the rdf4j-stardog library. These bugs are reported in this forum but while they get reviewed and fixed we need to code a fix ourselves to make the integration work (since clients rely on it).

These fixes are most of the time related to the StardogRepository and StardogRepositoryConnection classes but since both of them are marked as final we cannot easily extend them and override the faulty code. Instead we are left needing to implement an exact copy of both classes (on the same package) so the JVM picks our classes instead. Obviously this is not ideal since with every new release of rdf4j-stardog we need to copy all code and redo the fixes.

Would it be possible to make them non-final?

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