Stardog 5.x and RDF4J


I can see in the forum that Stardog 5.x seems compatible with RDF4J.

But is it possible to have a pointer about how to do that, examples, etc. ?
Also were to find the specific bindings for Stardog 5.2.1 if needed.

Thank you

Hi Fabian,

It’s a bit of an oversight that this isn’t in our documentation somewhere. I’ll be making a ticket to work on that.

Anyway, the bindings are almost identical to the sesame bindings; simply add com.complexible.stardog.rdf4j:stardog-rdf4j:5.2.1 to your dependencies

Thank you Stephen,

The dependency seems to work.

But there is no available code example, is that correct ?

Thank you

Not currently, but any of the Sesame code examples should work, just the package names will be different

I am trying to recreate the simple example from

But get an error about the class StardogRepository that can’t be found in any dependency.

Am I missing something ?

I’m not sure. We definitely provide com.complexible.stardog.rdf4j.StardogRepository in that dependency… did your IDE not refresh them?

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