Stardog 4.2.3 and Sesame (RDF4J)


I am trying to interact with Stardog 4.2.3 from java code. I had a look at a few resources from (about using sesame, maven) as well as the code example from github.

My goal was to integrate the Stardog access in an existing project that relies on RDF4J and thus Java 8.
From the Maven configuration proposed here above, it seems that the current code was not ported yet to RDF4J but still relies on older Sesame libraries, which does cause conflicts in my current project.

My solution so far was to not use the StardogRepository connection, but interact with Stardog through the SPARQL end-point, using the RDF4J SPARQLRepository class. This works fine but doesn’t give the same functionalities as a RepositoryConnection.

My questions are:

  • is it feasible to to do something similar to with RDF4J, if so, is there any example ?
  • is it correct that the StardogRepository class is needed here, and Stardog can not be accessed through the standard RemoteRepositoryManager from RDF4J (and Sesame too)

Thank you for any help

  1. Yes it would be easy to replicate what we’ve done with the Sesame bindings, but for RDF4j, it’s probably only an afternoon to build the appropriate wrappers around the core Stardog APIs.

  2. Correct, the RemoteRepositoryManager is not usable with Stardog, it’s very tightly coupled to Sesame/RDF4j and is only compatible with their HTTPRepository implementation. This is a known issue for them.



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