RDF4J bindings in Stardog 5.0.2


I noticed it said in the release notes that 5.0.2 has bindings for RDF4J. Can’t find anything in the docs about it, so wondering how I can switch over from Sesame?


I was under the impression that RDF4J was just a name change from Sesame when it went over to the Eclipse Foundation. I don’t know if the maven coordinates changed but you might want to just try stardog-sesame-core and if it doesn’t work give stardog-rdf4j-core a try. Did you have any specific problems with using RDF4J?

Looks like there were more substantial changes than just the name. Here’s a list of them that might be some help http://docs.rdf4j.org/migration/

None of the combinations I’ve tried in maven work.


The jars in maven are com.complexible.stardog.rdf4j:stardog-rdf4j:5.0.2

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Just put in a PR for the docs. Any idea what the status of the sesame-jena bridge is? I couldn’t find info on that status of that with the change from sesame to rdf4j.

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