Preferred Java API?

I’m would like to ask the Stardog team to offer offer some commentary on the future of Java API support. The Stardog manual simultaneously states that SNARL is the recommended approach but also that “SNARL is deprecated in Stardog 4.2 and will be removed in Stardog 5”

In the past our team has used sesame as a vendor neutral layer for working with RDF data. We’re now looking at RDF4J, but we’ve seen some compatibility issues. Is the future SNARL, RDF4J, or something else?


In looking at the docs, I can see that it’s actually more confusing than I thought. There are TWO different SNARLs. One is the protobuf protocol that could be used for sending messages instead of HTTP, and this is what is being deprecated in Stardog 5.

The second is the SNARL API, which I believe is what you’re talking about. That’s not going anywhere, and it will continue to be the native Stardog Java API. The Sesame and Jena APIs will also remain for the foreseeable future. We are currently unsure about RDF4J, but seeing as it’s Sesame, support could come at some point.

So Michael’s comments apply only to the protobuf protocol? Related to one of my posts, is stardog-clj a non-SNARL API interface (HTTP/HTTP2)?

That is correct. Stardog-clj (and our other APIs) will remain.

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