Programming Java SNARL vs SPARQL


For querying stardog there are 2 options:

  1. Use the standard SPARQL endpoint https://:5820//query
  2. Use the SNARL programming interface through the Java API

What are the pros/cons of both methods, would there be a performance benefit or anything else with using SNARL over SPARQL ?

Looking forward to your repsonse


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Hi Bart,

There are actually a few other ways to query Stardog, however they all ultimately wrap some version of the HTTP API. I suppose, therefore, there is possibly a performance hit when using the APIs versus sending an HTTP call directly, but it would be negligible.

okay, so in general for pure query operations a direct http sparql call benefits from simplicity ( no elaborate dependencies ) where the performance tradeoff can be neglected.

Good to know!

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