Update to RDF4J

Currently, Sesame is used, even though it was officially moved to RDF4J.

(Also, the used Sesame version 4.0.0 is almost 2 years old and it’s not even the latest available Sesame version which would be 4.1.2)

What is the current roadmap on updating the RDF bindings to RDF4j? Is there a planned version already?

According to the release notes [1] RDF4J bindings were added in 5.0.2

" Add bindings for RDF4J (2974):"

[1] https://www.stardog.com/docs/release-notes/

Hi Zachary!

Thanks for the quick answer. Could you point me to the documentation on the topic? The Java Programming section explains sesame and jena bindings, but there is no word on RDF4j


You’re absolutely right, and our docs should be updated to reflect this, but you can find the RDF4J jars in our maven repository as com.complexible.stardog.rdf4j:stardog-rdf4j:5.0.3. They behave very much like sesame, outside of some package name differences.

Even though RDF4J bindings were added, it would be great if the SNARL API was updated to use RDF4J. In the meanwhile we are forced to have as a dependency both the RDF4J libraries and the Sesame libraries Stardog uses.

Yes, I checked it out and came to the same conclusion.
My question was rather headed in the direction on when will an actual migration be done (replace Sesame by RDF4J).
When is this step planed?

We have no plans to move SNARL over to RDF4J, however we plan to replace the Sesame bits of it with a native API in October or November. After that point, we will continue to maintain the Sesame/RDF4J bindings, but will use neither internally to our API.

All right, thanks for the information! :slight_smile:

@stephen I’ve been wanting to move over to rdf4j from sesame too, but I’ve stumbled into some methods that are not handling my rdf4j things and are still expecting sesame.


This one complains about: incompatible types: org.eclipse.rdf4j.rio.RDFFormat cannot be converted to org.openrdf.rio.RDFFormat

Since I see from this thread that @rnavarropiris says we’ll still be needing sesame, is this what he’s talking about?

Correct, SNARL, and the rest of Stardog’s internals, currently still use Sesame. We provide support for RDF4J bindings, but we will not move SNARL over to use RDF4J. As Stephen stated, we plan on replacing Sesame entirely in the coming months.

Pity. Would have been nice to switch over to rdf4j.