Equivalent to AdminConnection in dotNetRDF lib


I am looking to interact with Stardog through the dotNetRDF connector.
I found the StardogConnector however, I cannot create and delete a database through this connector.
I am looking for something like the AdminConnection API on the Stardog Java.

thought of looking on the community before I start extending any code.

@zachary.whitley thank you for you reply, I looked it up and managed to get some basic stuff to work.
here is the link to some basic examples: https://github.com/charbull/Stardog-DotNetRDF-Examples

thank you,

dotNetRdf is a third party opensource library for Stardog so you might have some more luck asking them directly. That being said, looking at their documentation it doesn’t appear that they support the admin API. I think the closest they get is their Servers API. I’m sure they’d appreciate feedback running it with the latest version of Stardog.

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