Error in loading DB on Stardog on an AWS instance

I am loading wikidata on stardog, and I believe there is some issue in turtle file for few of the triples. Is there any way while loading, I can ignore such triples? [Wikidata is a huge single ttl file, there is no way to manually change or delete the triple]
My error is not a valid value for dateTime schema

Try setting the strict.parsing=false stardog property.

Yup changing the input parameter helped.
I am facing an additional IO error. There is a missing .sst file which is new and there is no documentation. My problem is that the same ttl file which is a wikidata dump is getting loaded by Neptune without any difficulties.

Reading the logs, graviton package is not able to SSH into the instance that it created, is it because I am not in VPC for the network? But my understanding here is that VPC group was created by Graviton itself.

Regarding the ssh trouble. I don't see any specific errors in the logs you posted. Is there another error you're getting?

There is no exact error. However, Graviton is not able to SSH into the instances that it has created. I can see the instances, EBS and other components in my AWS account, if you want you can share the complete log file via email with you.

It's difficult to say from that small snippet of logs. It may be that the health check is failing briefly while Stardog starts and the cluster forms. It's normal for that to fail for a short amount of time until that happens.

Does graviton exit with any errors? Or does the cluster eventually form and can you then use the ssh key to access the bastion?

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