Error when sending simple integer triple

I have the following in a .ttl file:

[line 37] sfb:InteriorWall a owl:Class ;
[line 38] owl:sameAs ccs:WallStructure ;
[line 39] rdfs:label “SfB-system indervæg”@da, "SfB-system interior wall@en .
[line 40] sfb:InteriorWall rdfs:subClassOf [ a owl:Restriction ;
[line 41] owl:onProperty sfb:function ;
[line 42] owl:hasValue “22”^^xsd:double ] .

While sending this to my datase I get the following error:

Expected ‘.’, found ‘2’ [line 38]

I dont get it.

Can you send the entire file? The error can sometimes be frustratingly far from where the parsing fails.

I see it. You didn't close a quote at the end of this line.

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