Adding an n-triple file fails with an error

Hi all,
I have generated an n-triple that i’d like to add to a new database. However when performing the action I get an error:
There was a fatal failure during preparation of uuid Expected ‘.’, found: t [line nnnn]
When removing this line I get the same error, however this time it is line nnnn-1.

The lines nnnn and nnnn-1: “The therapeutic efficacy of Balaglitazone can be decreased when used in combination with Goserelin.” . .

Have any of you an idea what causes this error?


I’ll take a look but often with a parsing error you need to look a couple of lines above the parsing error. Sometimes you be missing the closing quote or something like that and the parser thinks it’s just a big literal until it hits the opening quote on a later literal so the error isn’t located where it identifies the parse error. Or it will be something similar to that.

Ah, indeed. I have a big literal that contains unescapted quotes itself. This triple was a few entries later than where the error was found. But at least I learned that I should clean my data better.

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