Error when i upload data

I'm trying to upload the ontology to Stardog and i got this error: "Failed to load data to "catalog": There was a fatal failure during preparation of f0eadb93-b65b-4d4b-9a85-243e969ca1e2: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; systemId:; lineNumber: 5; columnNumber: 15; Element or attribute do not match QName production: QName::=(NCName':')?NCName. [L5:15] "

Any idea?

I want to solve this issue.

Have you tried loading your ontology into a simple text editor and checking on line number 5, column 15? Usually when I get an error like this it has something to do with confusion between a literal or string and an IRI. E.g., sometime you may have a URL that is meant to be treated as a plain string but the tool is trying to interpret it as an IRI. The fact that the error is your element doesn't match a QName production indicates it is a problem parsing an IRI. I.e. it sees something that it thinks is an IRI but can't parse as an IRI. A QName is something like ex:Foo.

The IRI represented by a QName is determined by appending the local name part of the QName after the namespace name (IRI) part of the QName. This is used to shorten the IRI of all predicates and some nodes. IRIs identifying subject and object nodes can also be stored as XML attribute values. RDF literals which can only be object nodes, become either XML element text content or XML attribute values.


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Hi Fatmah,

From your error message, you appear to be trying to upload to the catalog database. Instead, you should use another database that you have created to upload your data to. The catalog database is automatically created and populated with data by Stardog pertaining to the provenance of your data.