Getting turtle instead of json

Set MIME type in request to application/sparql-results+json and I'm getting turtle back. What am I screwing up?

What sort of query are you running? If you’re running a SELECT query, then application/sparql-results+json is a valid Accept type, however if you’re doing a CONSTRUCT, then you can only get back an RDF format such as text/turtle.

Having the */* in your Accept header means the server will give you back anything. If you’re running a CONSTRUCT query and did not have the */*, you would get back a 406 Not Acceptable response.

PREFIX rdf: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX owl: <> 
PREFIX xsd: <> 

select distinct ?entity ?elabel ?type ?tlabel 
where { 
	?entity a owl:NamedIndividual . 
	OPTIONAL { ?entity rdfs:label ?elabel } . 
	OPTIONAL { ?type rdfs:label ?tlabel } 

I got the above results using d3.xhr. I’m trying to work around using stardog.js.

I think the issue might be the endpoint you’re using. It appears that your request is going to http://localhost:5820/naut#!/query/<URLEncoded query>. Unless you’re using the web console (which it sounds like you aren’t), the #! would have no reason to be in the URL.

Try sending your request to the HTTP query endpoint and pass the query in on a query param like so: http://localhost:5820/naut/query?

That was it. I was using the web console URL and clearly shouldn’t have.

Thank you very much.

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