Give us your feedback! Why the web console?

Hi everyone,

As many of you may know, we deprecated the Stardog web console when we released Stardog 6, encouraging users to use Stardog Studio instead. Studio offers a number of features that aren't available in the web console, and just about everything that the web console does provide. Even so, we occasionally receive feedback from users who are still using the web console. Are you one of those users? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

We'd like to get your general feedback about why you use the web console, as well as any answers that you can give to the following questions. What are the things that cause you to use the web console rather than Studio? What features might make you happy to leave the web console behind? Do you use the web console in addition to Studio, or do you pretty much stick to the web console alone?

Your feedback here will help us to better align our progress on Studio with users' needs. We're looking forward to hearing your responses.


Jason Rogers (Studio team lead)

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#1 Studio doesn't work on Centos 7. I know it's not your fault and that it's a problem with Electron but I'm somewhat surprised you're pushing so hard on deprecating the webconsole because of this. It might not be your fault but you can't be expecting to just tell customers, "Well, install Ubuntu!". I don't know where Centos/Redhat rank at the moment but I'm guessing it's 1 or 2 or at least in the top 5.

I only got around to really playing with Studio when I had regular access to a Windows machine.

It just occurred to me that you might want to consider bundling Studio with the main Stardog download. It's not that big. You'd have to include all the platforms but I think including every platform would be ~200Mb. I know just going and doing another download isn't that big a deal but anything that lowers the friction helps. Alternatively maybe you can have a single download but split it into client, which would include the client cli and Studio and server which would just include Stardog.

Have you considered open sourcing the web console? Even though it's a bit long in the tooth it's still one of the best web consoles out there. The only OS thing I can think of is maybe YASGUI or Pubby and I don't want to even think about how old Pubby is.

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I use the web console in addition to Stardog Studio because I enjoy navigating the entities though the links, which is a functionality not available in Studio.

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I use the web console because not all database creation properties are reflected in Stardog Studio. For instance, I just came across this when working with it tonight: SameAs reasoning settings are not available in Stardog Studio when creating a database using Stardog Studio.

Christoper, thanks for the feedback. We're actively working on ensuring that all properties are surfaced in Studio and plan to have that functionality either this month or the next!

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