Introducing Studio Online & Experimental Branch

Friends of Stardog Studio,

We're happy to announce the launch of Studio Online. This is an always up to date, browser-based version of Stardog Studio!

This is Studio is running in your browser; it can connect to any Stardog server accessible from your computer, even localhost. The only thing we're doing is serving static assets (html/css) for you to use. And since it's always up to date, it's a quick and easy way to try out Studio's newest features.

We're going to use this platform to provide an experimental release channel so you can test some of the things we're working on.

Currently in our experimental branch is a new way to look into your knowledge graph! We understand the value of being able to look at your data in different ways.

In this new build we integrated some dynamic charting capabilities directly into the Query Hub. You can transform any result table into a variety of graphical representations:

We want to hear what you think about this possible new feature in Stardog Studio, and more importantly, we'd love it if you shared what you build with it.

P.S. if you have a value for set in your you'll want to make sure it includes

I made a density chart with it where some bins were not put correctly. Also I find the placement of the bins somehow confusing as it's not entirely clear whether it needs to sit on the lines or between the lines to belong to the respective x and y axes. I'm attaching a screenshot of my chart.