Old Stardog web UI

I'm reviving an old demo of mine on sparql/triplestore/rdf, which i used to do using a stardog web ui a few years ago (see screenshots attached). It would be great if i could set up my triplestore demo with that UI again.
Do you still have it? How could I set it up?
Thanks very much,

Hi Marcelo,

The web console is deprecated in Stardog 7 and no longer distributed or supported. With that said, Stardog Studio has nearly the same functionality plus even more features. Looking at your screenshots, you may be interested in using the Data Exploration feature which allows you to:

  • Search and browse classes and properties in your databases
  • Explore connections in your data in a browser-like interface (with navigation history)
  • Visualize both inbound and outbound relationships

To access the data explorer, select the icon below in the left hand toolbar of Studio and select any of your databases to get started exploring your classes and properties

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 5.40.23 PM

Here's a screenshot of the "Classes" view of the New York Times Covid-19 dataset featured and available to query in Stardog Express.


If you wanted to even have the same "Light" theme that the old web console has, you can change the value of theme from its default value of dark to light in Stardog Studio's preferences.

Here's a screenshot of how that looks:


Thanks so much, Noah. What I really liked about that UI was the ability to edit triples, create new ones, etc. It was great for demos.