Stardog v.7.9 is here! Lot of exciting new features packed into this release

Hi there,

We’re excited to introduce Stardog 7.9.0, including Stardog Designer, our most intuitive way to connect, model, and publish data. We’ve included more details below and hope you’ll join our Product Team on March 15 at 11am ET for an inside look, demos, and a preview into what we’re working on next.
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Introducing Stardog Designer

With Stardog Designer, data and analytics teams can improve productivity and enable better data-informed decisions. Now you can:

  • Connect and explore data virtually in Databricks or other data lakesor warehouses with just a few clicks
  • Visually create a semantic data model through a virtual whiteboard-like experience
  • Prepare and map source metadata to semantic models through the same drag and drop interface
  • Easily publish your model and mappings to flat files for your version control system or directly to your Stardog server

New in Stardog Explorer

It’s now easier than ever to explore your data:

  • Automatically visualize an overview of your model so you can get started more easily
  • Search directly for a class just by selecting it without adding any additional search criteria
  • Share the explored state with others or bookmark it to revisit later

Additional Updates

  • Enhanced BI/SQL support for Tableau to include subqueries, date/time functions, SQL left joins, and class inheritance in mappings
  • Added flexibility to support new Databricks SQL endpoint
  • Improved performance and stability in our query engine, as well as profiler improvements, the sampling service, and added additional new functions
  • Improved High Availability Cluster Robustness with improved timeout handling, a fix for partial sync errors, and more guardrails
  • Azure AD support with JWT Tokens to ensure authentication through existing identity management services on Azure
  • Improve data security with new predefined admin roles, LDAP inheritance, stored query permissions, and superuser creation
  • Stardog tutorials have a new home. Learn to write SPARQL queries, build a Java or React app, and more
    Read the Release Notes
    All of these updates are available to you today in release 7.9.0. If you have any questions, your Customer Success Manager is standing by to help. You can also join the conversation in the Stardog Community .

Navin Sharma
VP, Product Management