GraphQL feedback

Just some quick feedback on the new GraphQL feature.

  • It doesn’t look like “stardog grapnel…” has made it into the bash completion.
  • It looks like the example data hasn’t been pushed to stardog-examples yet
  • Maybe I’m missing something but it isn’t entirely clear from “stardog help graphql” how you should execute queries. I see the example for “stardog grapnel explain” but nothing else. It seems to run a query with "stardog grapnql and mirroring regular spraql queries "stardog grapnel execute although “stardog help grapql execute” returns “unknown command”. I could be doing something wrong because the query returns but is blank.

I’m super excited about this feature. Thanks.

…looks like that was the right way to query "stardog graphqll " or "stardog graphql execute ". I managed to get a query to return data. I wasn’t adding namespaces. I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess the examples use the default namespace and I didn’t think to add them.

Hi Zachary,

Thanks for your comments and sorry for forgetting to follow up before. The
sample data is in the examples repo now [1] and we also added an example of
using the Java API [2]. The CLI help for graphql command was broken but we
fixed that in the latest release. We also added a new section in the docs
[3] showing how to run queries via CLI, HTTP and GraphiQL UI. The bash
completion has not been updated yet but it is on our todo list for the next





No worries. I’m just glad that I can help out even if it’s in a small way.

Is there a way to set parameterized query variables? I figured it would be something like --bind from “stardog query” but I didn’t see it in the man page from the docs. (I do see it in the java example though.)

I was also thinking it would be very cool if you could also pass a Jolt JSON transformation to be applied to the result to give you even more control over the exact output. Just a thought. Thanks for the great new feature.

Setting parameters is not supported in the CLI yet but it works with HTTP
and Java APIs. But unlike the other CLI commands the --bind argument to
the GraphQL CLI command will probably accept a JSON input.


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