Help configuring cross-server query on Amazon cloud servers

Hi folks,

A colleague is cloning an Amazon server to help me demonstrate the concept of federated query across multiple servers (Windows EC2 machines). To date, we've only been successful to query across the servers when we drop the firewall entirely and open all ports. Of course this makes me very nervous.

Can someone provide guidance on firewall modification and which ports need to be open for this to work?



If both servers are running Stardog with the default configuration I believe you should be ok with just opening tcp:5820.

Thanks, Zach. I need to circle back with the person who was creating these instances. We are successful, but he also said something about a security group and I need to follow up on that to ensure everything is alright. The important thing is that we have it working now and will be able to highlight a federated query across 20 servers in a workshop on Monday. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to hear. I hope the workshop goes well. Be sure to check back in and let everyone know how it went, what the attendees thought, etc. You can even include pics if you want.

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