Graviton setup in AWS

hi there,

I’ve just checked out the manual on how to setup the cluster for Stardog via graviton – all went well and the setup was successful for Stardog 7.

I’m able to get to the last step till below:

but when I paste this link onto the browser:

I’m not sure why this is not accessible although I’ve set the security group on this EC2 instance to allow for the port 5821, but upon checking further port 5821 is not listed

Not sure if I’ve missed out something during the setup.

Hello and welcome!

It looks like you are trying to access the web console, which as of Stardog 7 has been removed. You should be able to connect to via any of our Stardog clients (CLI, Java, HTTP) or Stardog Studio.

hi Stephen,

thanks for the info, good to know the access to web console is not available in Stardog 7.
I've been trying that as well but to no avail, and I'm not able to access this either. I tried to access this via the Stardog Studio but this as well is not working. The studio is working fine with my local instance of Stardog 7.
Do you have any further idea what is the reason?


If the EC2 instance is set up to allow traffic on port 5821, I'm not sure why it would show as unavailable. Can you access the "internal" instance?

What does the output of this command give you:

stardog-admin --server cluster info

If that command fails, definitely check access via the internal load balancer, as Stephen suggests. Make sure to first ssh to the bastion and then hit the internal load balancer endpoint from there.

The security group allowing port 5821 is separate from the instances themselves (the security group is basically a separate EC2 firewall). If you ssh into the bastion (the ssh endpoint) there won't be any services listening on 5821, as Stardog will only be running on its three nodes.

Another thing to check is the health checks on the load balancer (via AWS console). If those don't report healthy then the service will show as unavailable through the ELB.

Finally, you can ssh to the bastion and then the Stardog nodes to inspect the logs, or you can try using graviton to gather up all of the logs in the environment and then investigate the Stardog logs to make sure they're starting and forming the cluster correctly.

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