Debugging Graviton install issues

Hello! I’m trying to set up a stardog instance on AWS us-west-2 region using graviton. I’m getting lost in the various ec2 instances. Is there a good place to start looking?

Right now, the instances are deployed and running according to AWS; however any calls to {stardog url}:5821/admin/healthcheck return a 503 Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at capacity.

Thanks for the assistance,


Hello Richard,

The error you have may not be related to the EC2 instance type. If you run stardog-graviton logs <deploy name> you should get all the relevant logs and hopefully there is some helpful information in them. Additionally look in ~/.graviton/deployments/<deploy name>/logs/graviton.log for helpful information.



Thank you for the reply. The issue was cause by the use on our non-production license, which was causing the the other nodes to not start.

Thanks for graviton tool, it was helpful to get started!


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