Cannot access Stardog on AWS

I used to be able to create Stardog instances on AWS with ease, up to version 5. However, after installing the latest Stardog:

  • I can access it from Jupyter running on the same node, referring to localhost:5820
  • I can access Jupyter from outside over port 8080
  • I cannot access Stardog from outside over port 5820

Has something changed? Do I need to somehow enable access from outside of localhost?

Thank you
Added: when I try to reach with :5820, I get to enter login detail (admin admin, of course), but then it displays "404 page not found"
Nothing in stardog.log

I don't think anything changed in Stardog that would cause a problem but I suspect something may have changed in your AWS setup. You'll need to enable inbound tcp on port 5820 in your security settings.

That of course was done. I added some detials to the question. I actually get to enter "admin:admin", but only once. If I restart the server, still 404. If I clear the cache, I get to enter the login/password again, with the same result.
Nothing in stardog.log

That is the correct behavior. The Stardog web console has been deprecated and subsequently removed and replaced by Stardog Studio. Studio can be downloaded at

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