Homebrew installation error for Stardog 8.0.0

Hi, I'm trying to upgrade my stardog instance to version 8.0.0 on a Mac (11.6.1) and hitting an error in homebrew with brew install stardog-union/tap/stardog where it looks like some of the man pages are missing

Error: It seems the symlink source '/usr/local/Caskroom/stardog/8.0.0/stardog-8.0.0/docs/man/man1/stardog-icv-convert.1' is not there.

Can anyone replicate this issue?

Hi Nolan,

8.0.0 deprecated all those ICV CLI commands, and the cask wasn't updated accordingly. I've updated it now, so if you brew install --force --overwrite stardog-union/tap/stardog you should be fine.

Edit: You might need to clear out some Homebrew caches