Install ES Client For Brew Cask Installation

Hi there,

I am trying to set up support for ES following the docs. I originally installed Stardog with brew cask on macOS (/usr/local/Caskroom, stardog home is /var/stardog).

Does this mean I should now manually copy the jar files to /usr/local/Caskroom or is there a better way to do this? I really do not want to mess up with brew ...

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Hi Tobias,

The "cleaner" solution to this is the other option specified in the docs, which is to use a STARDOG_EXT directory. This can be done by creating a directory such as /opt/stardog_ext, then setting the $STARDOG_EXT environment variable to that directory via export STARDOG_EXT=/opt/stardog_ext. You can then place the ES and other driver files in this directory. You must also restart the Stardog server after making this change.

This also makes upgrading your Stardog server version more convenient as you don't have to place the jars in /server/dbms each time.


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