Step 2 StarDog installation macbook 2019

I have a mac 2019 (no M1 chip) with Big Sur. To install stardog. I am following the steps here macOS Installation | Stardog Documentation 7.8.2 .
I completed step 1. I do not know what to do at step 2. How do I modify the .bash file (or whatever else I need to change)? What is exactly the sequence of terminal commands that I need to run (if I just run the command starting with export, it does not work)? Thanks very much.

Hi Matteo,

If you run it with just the "export STARDOG_HOME=...", that will work. However, if you exit that terminal and open a new terminal, that environment variable will not be set, and Stardog will complain about no STARDOG_HOME set if you tried to run it again. By editing the .bashrc or .bash_profile, that environment variable will be persistent across your terminals, machine reboots, etc.

There's a lot of great information out there on how to setup environment variables, e.g.:

Happy holidays!
Al Baker

Thanks so much, albaker. I will read that doc but the command that you say it should work does not work for me. Here is what I do and get:

Here is what I did:

  1. First, I run echo $SHELL in the terminal to check which shell I am using.
  2. Since I use zsh, I run open -t .zshrc in the terminal.
  3. Then I added export STARDOG_HOME = /var/stardog to the file that got opened.

I am not sure this is correct, but that is what I understood. I am not sure why the Stardog tutorial does not state all the steps to follow explicitly. Maybe albaker or some other Stardog engineer could check whether my steps are correct. Many thanks.

Hi @Matteo, you need to remove the spaces, e.g. export STARDOG_HOME=/path/to/folder not export STARDOG_HOME = ... - hope that helps!

Thanks very much, rokroskar. If it helps, here are the details of the process that I followed from step 2 here.

  1. Open terminal.
  2. Run echo $SHELL to find which shell you are using.
  3. In one machine I used zsh (see two posts above), but now I am on a machine that uses bash. So I did the following. Run nano .bash_profile in the terminal.
  4. Go to the last line and paste export STARDOG_HOME = /var/stardog in the file.
  5. Press ctrl-O (to save).
  6. Press enter (to confirm that you want to save).
  7. Press ctril-X (to exit the file).
  8. Put the stardog-icense-key.bin file in the directory users/ (where the other stardog files are).
  9. In the terminal, run cp stardog-license-key.bin $STARDOG_HOME.
  10. In the terminal, run stardog-admin server start.

In this way, Stardog started.

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