License and STARDOG_HOME question, Ubuntu20.04

I downloaded Startdog7.6.4 and installed it on a Ubuntu20.04 machine. I was able to run it with the default settings (STARDOG_HOME set to /var/opt/stardog, license in that directory). I then stopped it, and tried to make it run with an existing /var/opt/stardog7 folder, which contains the databases from an earlier Stardog7 installation. I placed my key in the /var/opt/stardog7 and changed /etc/ to contain
export STARDOG_HOME=/var/opt/stardog7

I rebooted to make sure the changes took effect and tried restarting Stardog. Now, it fails with the message "A valid Stardog license was not found in /opt/stardog/bin"
I am very confused. I thought the license is supposed to be in STARDOG_HOME, not /opt/starsdog/bin.

Also is it actually correct to have in /etc? I thought these application specific sh files were supposed to be in profile.d. Is that possibly the problem?

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