How to turn on the sparql query logging server side?

I am using a third party graph visualization software that sends sparql queries to stardog. Unfortunately the sparql query is not being logged by this this software.

  • How do I see the sparql queries sent to stardog for execution?

Currently stardog.log in bin folder doesn't have this info.

  • Do I need to start the server with a diff log level?


Probably the easiest way to accomplish this is to enable slow query logging in your


This will consider all queries to be "slow" ones and log them in a slow_query.log


Thanks for trying to help. I see an error when an invalid sparql query is isues from studio. I DO NOT see any logging of successfully issued queries when via studio.

I don't see any logging when my grpah visualization issues queries (both successful or unsuccessful).

How can I see both both successful or unsuccessful sparql queries?


You do need to restart your stardog server after editing your After any query (after this restart) you should see output to $STARDOG_HOME/slow_query.log.

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Yes indeed - slow_query.log has it. Found my bug :slight_smile: - thank you so much!

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