SPARQL query not returning inferred data

Hello there,
I've started to use Stardog studio recently and I'm having some issues with SPARQL queries.
I have my database with SL reasoning to retrieve the data coming from user defined SWRL.
The problem is that running the same simple query on Stardog studio sometimes gives back the result, and some other times is just running and running without returning any result.
I assume if there was a problem with my database or my rules, Stardog shouldn't give me back any result at all, not even once. But it gives the results sometimes, and doesn't return anything on other attempts.
Could you please help me out with this problem?
Many thanks!

Try taking a look at the stardog logs on the server side in stardog.log. I've usually seen that happen when Stardog throws an error and for some reason Studio doesn't respond to the error so it just sits there as though the query is just taking forever. Usually a browser reload fixes it up.

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