Import doesn't add any triples

I'm trying to import a .ttl file using the web ui. The web ui says that the data is loaded but I can't find any triples in the database and the triple count says 0 triples. Nothing is added to the log file during this operation. What could be the issue?

Other .ttl files can be loaded but this specific one I can't import. It can however be loaded into other triplestores.

Can you reproduce the issue using the stardog data add ... command? If so, it'd be useful if you could share the data and the query that you use to check the result.


When using the CLI it works perfectly and 12 M triples are added. Not sure if I can share the data here. Could show the problem over teams however if that would be useful?
Every query returns nothing when I upload using the web ui. For example
SELECT ?s ?p ?o
WHERE { ?s ?p ?o}

Can you check that there's no named graph selection in the drop-down list in Studio, i.e. the data indeed goes in the default graph?

Studio and CLI use the same HTTP API to send data to server so there must be some easy explanation to this.