Newbee issues sd5

  1. Took me some time to find the way to import data. It is hidden under "Browse" after which you get a menu of browse (again, and data etc. isn't that a bit strange? (could it be a webbrowser issue? I am using Chrome).

  2. After importing some ttls I can query but there is no result when browsing.

    Some help/tips very much appreciated.

Sorry for these very newbee questions (my ref. till now is graphdb).

Greetings Michel

I can see how that might be a little confusing. The first time you see “Browse” is probably from the “Stardog Admin” page after selecting the database you have the option to “Browse” or “Query” that take you to the database specific “Schema Browser” or “Query Panel” pages and from there you have the additional option of “Data” which includes “Add”, “Remove”, and “Export”.

I’m not a UI person but I suppose there is no reason why there can’t be a “Data” option on the admin page and it might make the navigation more consistent. (I’m just throwing that out there as a suggestion)

Can you give the options that you used to create the database. If you used the WebConsole you can just list anything you selected different from the defaults. Can you share the data you loaded and how you loaded it?

Welcome to Stardog.

Hi Michel,

Well, as I was typing out a response, Zach pretty much said what I was going to say. I can add that if you navigate directly to the “home” page of a specific database (e.g., http://localhost:5820/myDb), the Query/Browse/Data menu will be displayed there. I agree it’s not ideal that getting there via the Admin page doesn’t display it.


I created a new test db and uploaded 2 ttl files


Database archetypes
Database name test
Database namespaces
Database creation time Monday, June 26th 2017, 8:16:19 pm +02:00
database modification time Tuesday, June 27th 2017, 3:40:02 pm +02:00
Strict Parsing ON OFF
Preserve BNode identifiers ON OFF
Database connection timeout 1h

Differential indexes minimum size 1000000
Differential index merge size 10000
Differential index size Empty
RDF literal canonicalization ON OFF
Index named graphs ON OFF
DB index size 214
Automatic statistics update ON OFF
Index type Disk
Spatial index ON OFF

ICV active graphs default
ICV consistency automatic ON OFF
ICV enabled ON OFF
ICV reasoning enabled ON OFF

Reasoning type SL
Reasoning approximate ON OFF
SameAs reasoning OFF
TBox named graph *
Reasoning over virtual graphs and SERVICE clauses ON OFF
Punning ON OFF
Automatic consistency checking ON OFF
Timeout for schema reasoning 1m

Search enable ON OFF
Search reindex mode sync

Logging transactions ON OFF
Transactions isolation level SNAPSHOT

Query all graphs ON OFF
Query timeout 5m

and wrt “browse”…I think it would already help if the first Browse (the broad one including the schema-browse and Data etc.) got a broader name.

Can you share the data that you’re loading?

cmo.ttl (3.1 KB)
simple.ttl (3.0 KB)

cmo also imports some (3) subontologies (QUDT) that I did not upload...could THAT be the problem?ADAPTED_VOCAB_QUDT-BASE-QUANTITY-KINDS-v2.0.ttl (47.3 KB)
ADAPTED_SCHEMA_QUDT-v2.0.ttl (118.7 KB)

tHINK THAT WAS IT! i NOW SEE ALL STUFF…or it was already fine but I clicked the entity name instead of the plus…

Stardog doesn’t automatically load ontologies referenced with owl:imports

“Follow ontology owl:imports statements automatically; any imported OWL ontologies that are required must be loaded into a Stardog database in the normal way.” –

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ok thanks, fully clear now!

The “+” will expand the tree and list any direct subclasses and clicking on the name will take you to a page for that class with a link to view the definition and a list of any class members. “No more elements found!” means there are no instances. That may be a somewhat confusing message.

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