Querying not working when trying to reproduce Modeling training music results


I'm trying to import the data and schema from the Modeling training (Trainings - Modeling | Stardog with data and schema from stardog-tutorials/music at master · stardog-union/stardog-tutorials · GitHub) to get the same results, and I seem to successfully import the data and schema however when I trying querying I don't get any results. I think I'm missing a step but not sure what, these are the steps I have taken:

  1. Created a DB and imported music.ttl (from stardog-tutorials/music at master · stardog-union/stardog-tutorials · GitHub), put into the default graph
  2. Imported the schema - music_schema.ttl (also from github) into a new named graph.
  3. In Models I create a new named model which the schema should appear in
  4. This is all good, where I can see the data is in the default model and the schema is in the named model (viewed in Models tab)
  5. In Workspace I try to do a basic query (list all albums) which works fine for the original stardog-tutorial-music database but when I run it on my own database it does not give any results.

I also tried loading the schema into the default graph as well but this made no difference.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

Fixed now, the issue was that I hadn't realised the namespaces used in the tutorials were different from the default namespaces, so I had to adjust the namespace for the empty prefix (like shown in this post How to define namespace for your tutorial Album class) to the tutorial one.

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