How to define namespace for your tutorial Album class


I was checking your tutorials where the Album dataset is used. In order to use queries you have on your github (, I need to change the namespaces.
Below is the IRI for Album class.

How should I update the namespaces to use the prefix properly?

So I want to run the query below;

   ?album a :Album .
   ?album :artist ?artist .

Something looks jacked up with rdf and rdfs. Which exact data file did you load?

beatles.ttl under music folder @zachary.whitley

@zachary.whitley is right that there is something wrong with the rdf and rdfs namespaces. However, that isn't the source of the problem here. For the tutorials, you want your namespace for the empty prefix (the first namespace line in your screenshot) to have the IRI

All together, your namespaces for the tutorials database should look like this:

One thing I'd like to note is that, since you're using Studio, the tutorial databases will be configured for you (with the correct namespaces!) if, instead of creating them manually, you use the "Tutorials" section that is built into Studio. Just click on the icon that looks like an open book in the left sidebar, and Studio should offer to create the databases (assuming you don't have them already).


Best of luck,