Namespace prefixes are output for non super-users?

This is happening in Stardog Studio.
When I run the following against the stardog-tutorial-beatles db (which has the default namespace prefix set to
SELECT ?album
?album a :Album.
When using an admin account, I get responses formatted like :Please_Please_Me (which is good.)
But when I use an account I created that only has "read" access to that database, the same query returns everything formatted like

How do I get it so that a read-only user still gets the response formatted without the namespace prefix? Is it a separate permission?

Hi Clancy, and welcome!

The ability to read the database's namespaces is actually rolled into a separate permission, as they are part of the database's metadata. If you grant the user READ access to METADATA of the db name (on top of READ-DATABASE-dbname), the prefixes will appear in the results.

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