Feature request: print or autofill namespace prefix declaration


I may have missed this if it exists and, if so, apologies for the noise.

Thanks to the fact that namespace prefixes can be added to a database, it is possible to write and run queries without prefix declarations. However, it is not possible to save queries without proper prefix definitions ahead of the query.

It would be conveninent to be able to print, then copy and paste all the prefixes defined with a database (for example, from the database tab in the Namespaces section) or that the editor itself automatically fills in (or suggests) prefix declarations in query files in the way the GraphDB interface does, for example.

Of the two options, I find the first the most useful so that it is possible to retrieve prefix declarations for a database and reuse without typing mistakes. I haven’t seen that functionality, although again, if I missed something, thanks pointing it out and apologies.

The nearest approximation I found is the CLI command:

stardog namespace list

Yet it prints a table and there seems to be no formatting option to make it either SPARQL or RDF prefix declaration.

With many thanks and kind regards,