Auto prefix for queries?

I was just thinking of something that might be an interesting feature to add to Stardog Studio. Auto prefix. I was thinking something along the lines of if a local name is unique among defined prefixes it just automatically prefixes and if it isn't it pops a suggestion to choose between the options. I was thinking "how often is there really a conflict in the local name? It's probably not that often depending on how many prefixes you have defined. So if you have something where if you've only defined skos an you entered something like <> prefLabel "myLabel" it would automatically rewrite it to <> skos:prefLabel "myLabel" but if you had something like rdfs: and myvocab: and they both had "label" and you typed <> label "myLabel" it would pop up and let you choose between refs: and myvocab:

It would definitely cut down on the amount of typing. I was thinking that having to specify the prefix every time you used it was like having a conversation without pronouns. Just use pronouns and mention the person's full name whenever it isn't clear.

PS I guess there could be some problems because you can use a prefix without actually loading and ontology and even then you'd have to assume the ontology provided rdfs:isDefinedBy. I haven't really thought it out completely. It was more a, "I'd really like to cut down on this repetitive typing I'm doing" thing.