Stardog Studio suggestions

I was just taking a look at the new additions to Stardog Studio. There are some very nice new features. I thought that I’d make a couple of suggestions for future features. They just happen to be things that I come across where I say to myself “wouldn’t it be nice if…” so maybe it’s just me or maybe other people have the same thought.

I often write queries that I expect to have at least one or more results with the data set that I’m working on. It would be nice if the UI would highlight, in say red, any triple patterns that would themselves result in zero bindings. Obviously you could have none of the triple patterns have zero bindings and still get no results but I often find that getting zero results where I expect at least one is the result of some typo and it would be nice to be able to narrow that down.

Incorrect URL rdfs:subClass - Hey dummy, it’s subClassOf
Typo in URL rdfs:subCLass - whoops
Incorrect literal [] :hasName “Stardoog”

The other thing that I was thinking would be nice is some kind of warning that the BGP is disconnected and would result in a cross product. Sure you might actually want to do that but I’ve found it’s usually the result of an oops.

Thanks for these suggestions! Both of them are things that we’ve discussed internally and that we also think would be nice to have. They’re in the queue. Probably detecting will be the first to get implemented, though they’re all things we’d like to tackle in the future.