Studio UI Suggestions

Hi Studio folks,

It would be really useful to have a favorites pane, say on the left side, that lists recent, bookmarked, or template queries, with a “play” button that allows on-click execution:

(>) ShowAllTriples.rq
(>) countSubj.rq
(>) myFavQuery.rq
(>) deleteAll.rq

I find myself working with a small set of queries that I often tweak and re-run. Having a lot of panes open can be hard to navigate.

Also having the selected database name prominently displayed would be very helpful.

Thanks for listening.

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Hi Tim,

Thanks a lot for the feedback. We intend to use input like this to drive the direction of Studio. In that vein, I’m happy to say that both recent query history and the ability to “bookmark” queries are features on our roadmap for Studio. We’re considering implementing some of the other features you mentioned, too, so keep an eye out as things progress!

Thanks again,

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Hi again, Tim,

I just wanted to note that v0.1.0 of Studio was released yesterday, and that it includes support for storing and loading queries to/from Stardog. This should provide at least some of the “bookmarking” functionality you were seeking. You can access the “Stored Queries” pane by clicking on the new bookmark icon next to the “Execute” button inside of Studio.


Nice one!

This is very helpful and I’m already making good use of it after downloading v.0.1.0 a few minutes ago.
A couple more suggestions based on the upgrade:

  1. Have the Studio version available under the Help menu. Right now I can’t tell which version I am running. Maybe it is noted somewhere I am not looking?

  2. Minor point, but a confusing one when I downloaded just now. The website download file is named Stardog+Studio-0.0.2+Installer.exe , which made me think I had version 0.0.2 and not 0.1.0.

Keep up the great work!


Glad to hear it’s working out for you, and thanks for the kudos. :slight_smile:

As for your other suggestions, they’re spot-on. We’ll be updating the download link for Studio shortly. As for the Studio version number, it shows on macOS in the application menu (under “Stardog Studio” --> “About Stardog Studio”). Unfortunately, other platforms lack a dedicated application menu of that sort, and thus do not currently have that entry. We do have plans to add such an entry for those other platforms soon.


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You’ve added the ability to save queries locally onto disk but what about into Stardog itself, given that it does have the (very useful) ability to store queries in the database for execution. Stored queries are great for a separation of concerns/skills in our development team and allows our front end developers not to worry about SPARQL, and allows tweaking/optimization of the queries without rebuilding/deploying client code.

Storing queries into Stardog from Studio is supported as of Studio v0.1.0 (the current version is v0.2.1). You can save and load stored queries using the “bookmark” icon located next to the “Execute” button at the top of any note in the notebook. For more details, this blog post might be helpful:

Hope that helps!