Tab always show "Untitled"

(Serge Colle) #1

No matter what I tried it always show Untitle even if loaded from stored query. Very annoying as I always forget what tab I need to go.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

(Jason Rogers) #2

Hi Serge,

It's neither something you're doing wrong nor a bug (well, maybe it's a UX bug...). Currently, Studio always opens stored queries as untitled tabs because they aren't saved to the filesystem. In this way, Studio is a bit filesystem-centric. However, you'll be happy to know (I hope) that we're aware of these pain points and intend to release a version of Studio with better support for stored queries in the reasonably near future (we were literally discussing these issues today, before you posted!).


(Serge Colle) #3

Thanks Jason,

I will use file system in lieu of Stored query moving forward. (at least until this is resolved)