Install stardog on Windows below Docker

Hello there,
I have problem to install stardog on windows with Stardog as it is written
on page

"Docker is required for Windows users."

but After setting instalation with docker command,
it answered me :
Image operating system "linux" cannot be used on this platform.

There was already closed discussion on this topic, with answer "switch docker to windows containters"
but i definitely do not have Linux images , docker have option "switch to linux containers" -> that means i definitely have set up windows containers.

what to do? can somebody help ?

The provided Stardog image on dockerhub is a linux (Ubuntu) image. I've heard no issues with running a linux image on docker in windows (I would submit that this is explicitly what docker and other virtualization software is for). Perhaps there's something in your Docker settings or version?

I don't know if it's causing the problem you're having but you need to enable Hyper-V isolation on windows

I'm not a windows person so I'm not that familiar with the exact process but I hope that helps.

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