Is there any way to tell if there is an RDF "base" URI defined?

It does not currently show up in the list of namespaces defined for the ontology/triples. Nor can I query it on any regex comparison involving the string, “base”.


I’m not quite sure I follow but the base doesn’t really exist any longer after the file has been parsed so you won’t be able to query for it and it’s not a prefix so it will now show up in namespaces. You should be able to grep it from the original turtle file though. It doesn’t exist as a separate concept as far as rdf is concerned and is just a syntactic shorthand for writing out the full url in the serialization and mirrors the xml:base construct from rdfxml

I figured that might be the answer, but things like VOWL distinguish
"external" entities based on the “base URI/IRI”. And, if there are zip
files, then you have to parse each one to see if the base IRI is defined in
one of them.

Also, if you create new individuals as part of your application, it might
be good to assign them a correct IRI based on the “base”.

Just thinking out loud…

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