Is toEmbedded deprecated

Ok, I can't figure this out. I thought I had things working but then I started getting an error "No driver was found which supports the connection string: 'embed://system/' . Am I missing some dependency or something?. I'm a little confused about using the toEmbedded call. Is there any reason why I'd rather use that than just toServer("localhost:5820")?

Ok I think I figured out my own problem but I'm still curios why you would prefer toEmbedded to toServer

Are you talking about AdminConnectionConfiguration.toEmbeddedServer()?

The embedded server works without a TCP connection.

Does it just ignore what you pass to the bind in STARDOG.newServer().bind()? There used to be a SNARLProtocolConstants.EMBEDDED_ADDRESS but there doesn't seem to be an equivalent for http

I'm not sure what you're asking. The connection configuration is about making a connection but Stardog.newServer() is an internal API that creates a server instance. If you want an embedded server you don't need to depend on internal APIs.

The constant URL for the embedded server is a constant because it's not parameterizable. There's only one embedded server accessible at a time. With an HTTP connection, you can connect to any HTTP server, including localhost on 5820, a different port, or a different machine.

Ok, I think I get it now. I don't think I quite understood the difference between creating "Stardog" and then creating "Server'". I think I had always just seen it that way in the examples and money see, monkey do. That clears things up and I've got it all working now. Thanks.

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