Stardog 5 beta: Could not find an appropriate view implementation of this connection for 'com.complexible.stardog.icv.api.ICVConnection'


I’m using the ICVConnection class, which used to be in the client-snarl dependency. That dependency doesn’t exist for Stardog 5 anymore.

This is my code:

		try (Connection connection = connectionConfiguration.connect()) {
			ICVConnection validator =;


What should I import to use ICVConnection?


Do you use the embedded server? If so, then client-embedded will pull all jars for using ICV, reasoning, versioning, etc. over the embedded connection.

You can take a look at the examples which we updated to work with 5.0.


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Thank you Pavel.

Including client-embedded worked great :slight_smile:

I hadn’t look much in the examples, I was using the docs and there isn’t anything in the maven section there about client-embedded.


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